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Snapping Hip Syndrome (Iliopsoas Tendonitis)

Snapping Hip Syndrome (Iliopsoas Tendonitis)

Snapping hip syndrome, also known as coxa saltans (or dancer’s hip), is a clinical condition characterized by an audible or palpable snapping sensation that is heard during movement of the hip joint. Snapping hip has multiple etiologies and is classified based on the anatomic structure that is the cause/source of the snapping sensation. Historically, two main snapping hip categories were recognized:

  • Extra-articular
  • Intra-articular

The term intra-articular snapping hip has relatively fallen out of favor due to the increasing knowledge of intra-articular pathologies.  These etiologies include loose bodies (e.g. secondary to synovial chondromatosis) or labral tears of the hip.

As the clinical terminology evolved, extra-articular snapping hip eventually became subclassified into:

  • External snapping hip
  • Internal snapping hip