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Fractures that Result in a Nonunion

What is a fracture nonunion?

When a bone breaks or fractures (broken and fractured means exactly the same thing), healing of the bone usually takes a few months to occur. A bone is considered healed or “united” when it is strong enough to allow normal activities. Depending on many factors, this can take as little as 4 weeks or as long as 6 months. When a fractured bone is not healed and there is little chance it will heal without further surgery, the fracture is then considered to be a “nonunion”. A “Delayed Union” is different than a nonunion. A delayed union means that the bone took or is taking longer to heal that expected, but it is expected to eventually heal without the need for additional surgery.

What makes our orthopedic trauma service different?

 Our team also includes a subspecialist in bone infectious diseases who will customize antibiotic therapies to each patient’s specific infection.